What Countertop Color Should I Choose?

Natural Stone: Design Ideas

With the countless colors, patterns, and finishing options available in today’s kitchen countertop materials, choosing a countertop color that suits the style of your home can be quite overwhelming. Luckily, given other known variables, such as cabinetry, wall, and flooring color and style, you can find your way to your ideal selection. 


Best Countertop Colors for the Kitchen

These popular color choices can help you not only achieve the look you want, but find the right countertop material for your lifestyle, from natural stone to engineered quartz

  • Pure White Counters
    Pure white countertops, typically comprised of engineered quartz, offer a contemporary, minimalist feel. Why quartz? This non-porous, man-made stone style ensures a slab that will remain crisp over the long-term with minimal care. A great fit for modern spaces, rather than traditional décor, where it can feel stark, pure white counters also work well for cooling the warm tones of yellow-orange woods, and offer the eye a break from bold/busy cabinet finishes, such as highly-grained wood. Pair with blue for a classic, time-tested combination.
  • Patterned White Counters
    White and off-white countertops that are flecked or softly veined are a good choice for those with a traditional or transitional interior design scheme, including kitchens with knotty woods, Shaker-style cabinets, lantern-style pendant lighting, and brass accents. They offer a neutral backdrop, helping spaces look big and bright, without feeling sterile. They also mask countertop crumbs nicely. Choose from marble for a more classic feel, or go for engineered quartz in various off-white patterns (including natural stone lookalikes) for a fuss-free surface.
  • Black or Dark Counters
    Dark countertops, such as black and charcoal-toned granite, tend to either blend beautifully or overwhelm kitchen designs. When should you use them? Dark counters work great with dark cabinetry and flooring, providing a more continuous feel. They are also a great choice for allowing colorful, fun cabinetry to shine, and those aiming for classic black-and-white color schemes. Take advantage of them to ground and connect other black elements within your kitchen space, or pair them with a smoky mirrored backsplash to add a touch of modern flair. Choose a lighter shade, such charcoal, to soften the look. When should you avoid dark counters? Small spaces, and those with minimal light, aren’t the best fit for a dark palette. It’s also wise to avoid using a black countertop as a large, standalone element in your design, to prevent a visual eyesore.
  • Gray, Beige, or Mid-Tone Counters
    Soft grays, beiges, rich creams, and other mid-tone, neutral countertop shades work in harmony with a variety of decors, helping hide the occasional patch of countertop crumbs to provide a clean, tidy look that’s not too dark or busy. Mid-tones work well in kitchen spaces with a combination of very dark or very light surfaces (such as dark cabinets and white walls, or vice versa), helping bridge the tonal gap, and are also the perfect way to soften black-and-white color schemes. Gray, in particular, is ideal for bringing out the warm tones of metallic accents in brass, or as a harmonious companion for colorful cabinets.
  • Dramatic & Bold Counters
    If you have a large kitchen and want to make a statement, bold, dramatic kitchen countertop designs may be a good choice for you. This could mean a bright color, or countertop with dramatic pattern movement or veining. Bright, bold colors are a great way to prevent dark cabinets from appearing gloomy. How bold should you go? To prevent overwhelming the eyes, the more movement or veining in your countertop, the less drama you should add in surrounding features. Worried about how it will all work together? Bringing home a large sample can help you see how well combinations play together. Want to go bold in a smaller space? Bold designs in small spaces feel more dramatic, so keeping other surfaces/finishes sedate is key to success.


Undecided on your countertop color? Nothing beats an in-person perusal to help you see how each unique stone slab shines. Shop the rainbow at your area Granite Imports showroom today.



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