Shopping for Natural Stone Countertops is Like Shopping for a Diamond

Natural Stone: Natural Stone Slabs

If you’ve ever shopped for gemstone jewelry, you’ve seen the difference in quality between bargain and premium stones. Like a diamond’s cut, color, and clarity, reflect its quality and worth, so too do these facets impact the quality and cost of natural stone slabs. Though these are not the only factors in determining the worth of natural stone slabs, they do play a pivotal role. What can you learn by considering these features in natural stone countertops?


The color of a slab is the result of the chemical reaction of different minerals in the earth. The rarer the occurrence of the color in nature, the more expensive the stone. For example, blue diamonds are extremely rare and sell at a high premium compared to their white diamond counterparts. In natural stone countertops, the cool tones of green and blue are uncommon colors. Vibrant greens and blues are particularly rare, such as Blue Bahia granite slabs, and come at a premium. 


Like a clear, brilliant, sparkling diamond, the color consistency of a natural stone countertop showcases its value. However, as countertops are not crystal clear, what we’re talking about here is the color and pattern consistency in the stone. Stone patterns do vary slightly from slab to slab, assuring a 100% unique look. However, consistent color and a continuous pattern from stone to stone allow for the matching of countertop slabs. This consistency ensures a cohesive look throughout your kitchen, or the creation of a seamless bookmatch for a stunning design centerpiece.  


The thickness of the cut of your stone will effect potential applications. Standard sizes of 2-3cm offer the same durability and are compatible with a variety of applications. While 3cm cuts work well for a kitchen countertop or slab tub surround, a 2cm cut may be best for a backsplash to avoid overcrowding fixtures. Harder stones, such as quartzite or granite slabs, can be milled down to 1cm and are lighter and easier to install on a feature wall. 


We know you’re probably wondering what happened to carat weight. Carat weight does apply to some extent with natural stone slabs. The thicker and heavier the slab, the more material you will be purchasing and the higher the cost. However, more important than this in natural stone countertop selection, is the origin of the stone. Some marble quarries, for instance, mine over 100 blocks of Carrara marble slabs per week. Others, however, mine limited supplies of Calacatta, making certain styles of stone more exclusive and unique.

Ensure a countertop choice that shines bright like a diamond. Shop the premium natural stone countertop selection at your area Granite Imports today.

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