Oversized Kitchen Islands: Key Considerations

Natural Stone: Design Ideas

For those with ample kitchen space, an oversized kitchen island can be a welcomed addition, providing additional countertop area for food prep, ample storage, and plentiful seating.  If you choose to go large with your island, you can also integrate other functional features. Additions such as an extra sink, cooktop, integrated cutting board, or marble pastry prep surface can allow you to interact more fully with your family when performing daily food prep and cooking tasks.  

What You Need to Know Before Installing an Extra Large Kitchen Island

Regardless of your preferred island additions, there are several things you should keep in mind when designing your oversized kitchen island:

  • Design Your Island as the Focal Point of the Room
    Take advantage of dramatic stone countertop colors and patterns, turning your oversized kitchen island into the star of the room – a functional piece of art in your kitchen. 
  • Natural Stone Countertops Sizes are Limited
    Natural stone countertops, including marble and granite slabs, do not come in jumbo sizes. The average size of slabs is approximately 114 inches long by 66 inches wide, though exact dimensions will vary by product. 
  • Seams May Be an Issue
    With larger islands, seams can be an issue. Always consider this possibility when designing your island, reducing island size to eliminate seams, or carefully considering the location of seams with the help of a skilled fabricator. 
  • Clearance is Key
    Clearance between your kitchen island and surrounding countertops should be 42 inches, at a minimum.
  • Consider Outlet Additions in Advance
    Consider the location of essential outlets before finalizing your design. Carefully review outlets required for key appliances/electronics to avoid expensive and unsightly late additions. Consider pop-up outlets for a more streamlined appearance.
  • Transporting Stone Safely May Limit Island Size
    Doorways, stairways, and walls may limit the size of the countertop that can be carried into your space. For large, thick slabs, special assistance such as a crane may be necessary. 
  • Oversize Islands Require Special Support
    Large natural stone countertops must be carefully installed, with supports mindfully placed for safety. This is especially crucial in islands with prominent countertop overhangs for seating.

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