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Natural Stone: Design Ideas

Outfitting your bath? High-tech innovations are changing the interior landscape of homes, from family gathering sites such as the kitchen to the private respite of bath design. As technology becomes increasingly more prominent and affordable, consumers are taking notice. What technologically-advanced trends are seizing the spotlight in the bath?

Smart Shower Systems

Smart shower systems such as the U by Moen, compatible with Amazon Alexa for voice-operable adjustment, allow users to pre-program settings, warm up water and pause, adjust the temperature, flow, and monitor showering time and water use via Alexa or smartphone app.  

Voice-Operable Mirrors

Putting on makeup and shaving just got a lot easier, courtesy of on-command lighting adjustments of voice-operable mirrors. Alexa-enabled, the Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror by Kohler can adjust the mirror’s lighting intensity by the percentage of full power. Preset for makeup/shaving, nighttime bathroom visits, and more. Integrated features let you listen to music, news, or check the weather via an integrated, voice-operable sound system. 

High-Tech Toilets

Newer, eco-friendly toilet models, such as the Neorest by Toto, look the same on the outside, but open, close, and flush automatically using minimal water. Some models even feature bidet-style jets.

Touchless Faucets

This sanitary and water-saving commercial feature has found a place in home baths as well. However unlike previous commercial models, homeowner options like Delta’s Touch2O faucet line feature updated tech with less frustrating sensors, detecting the presence of a person’s hands anywhere near the fixture. 

Nonporous Mold & Mildew-Free Surfacing

Manmade from 90-95% natural ground quartz bonded with a small amount of resins and pigment, non-porous engineered quartz is becoming an increasingly popular bathroom addition, from floor to ceiling. Resistant to stains, scratches, dents, mold, mildew, and bacteria with no need for sealants, engineered quartz makes for a low-maintenance, moisture-friendly, bathroom surface. Recent advances in technology have made engineered quartz readily-available in ‘lookalikes,’ ranging from natural stone doppelgangers to wood and concrete, prompting the stone’s popularity in...

  • Shower & Bath Surrounds
    An ideal way to incorporate a stunning feature wall, engineered quartz won’t absorb water, its antimicrobial properties making it an ideally low-maintenance shower or bath surround surface. Mold, mildew, and bacteria cannot penetrate the stone, eliminating long-term maintenance like troublesome grout and caulking.
  • Backsplashes
    Offering a high-end, seamless and sleek look, the vertical application of quartz makes for an easy-care backsplash. Match it with engineered quartz countertops for a cohesive feel, or pair a neutral option with a bolder design choice for dramatic flair.  
  • Flooring
    Quartz makes an ideal surface in high-traffic areas, and is more than tough enough to be walked upon. Lay full slabs to eliminate the use of grout and create unparalleled visual continuity, or integrate custom-cut panels vertically or horizontally artfully into your space. The stone’s only limitations: Added resins make it incompatible with outdoor use and radiant heat flooring. 
  • Trimming
    Interior designers are increasingly taking advantage of the unique, waterproof properties of quartz, incorporating it into bathroom storage recesses, inset shelving, and window sills.

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