8 Reasons to Consider Marble in the Kitchen & Bath

Natural Stone: Marble

The classic looks of marble countertops call to many homeowners. A relatively soft stone, it requires a bit more attention than harder quartzite and granite slabs. Are the timeless looks of marble worth they worth the added commitment?

Add A Marble Countertops to Your Home

Marble maintenance isn’t as scary as it seems at first glance. Marble counters and flooring have been popular throughout history for many reasons. 

  1. Every slab offer unmatched beauty.
    Though manmade options such as engineered quartz slabs can mimic the looks of marble, nothing compares with the look and feel of natural marble slabs. With natural marble, each piece is unique, adding a distinctive look to your home.

  2. Marble is naturally heat resistant.
    Skilled bakers know marble is more heat resistant than other stones. This makes it a popular choice for island additions designed for pastry and candy-making, as well as bathroom vanities and fireplace surrounds.

  3. Chefs covet marble surfaces.
    The naturally cool surface of marble is ideal for working with pastries and candies, allowing for easier manipulation sans the stickiness of other kitchen surfaces.

  4. Marble care isn’t as high-maintenance as you may think.
    • With regular sealing, it’s easy to ward off stains.
      Sealer is like a coat of armor for your marble countertops, safeguarding them against staining without altering the looks of your countertops. Some of the latest sealer options can safeguard your stone for years or decades, providing a multi-year stain warranty.

    • Honed surfaces camouflage etching.
      Though the softer surface of marble is more prone to etching, you can easily camouflage this normal wear by choosing a matte, honed surface. Just one of the many reasons this modern look is increasingly popular.

    • The right accessories reduce maintenance needs.
      Placements, runners, trivets, cutting boards, and coasters are an easy way to reduce the need for marble maintenance.
  5. Marble is a living surface.
    It evolves with time, light scratches and etches creating a unique patina with use, much like antique furniture and jewels.

  6. Marble is easily restored.
    Should countertop care get away from you, you can repeatedly restore your marble slabs, polishing them with no concerns about longevity.

  7. Marble increases the value of your home.
    Natural stone countertops, such as marble, add to the value of your home and appeal to potential buyers.

  8. Marble comes in a range of price points suitable for any budget.
    From more common varieties that are more affordable in price than manmade countertops, to rare and exotic slabs, marble comes in a wide variety of price ranges.

Add the elegant looks of marble to your kitchen or bath design. Shop the wide selection of natural stone slabs at your area Granite Imports today.

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